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Ensuring The Protection Of Two Trucks

Tow truck drivers are not given a second glance nor a little consideration when people are not yet in need of their services. What people don’t realize is that in their service to the public, they are risking their lives on the busy roads and highways. They are the car and truck equivalent of first responders, seeking to help the people that need saving, and encouraging road safety at the location. For people who do not know the nitty-gritty of immediate and temporary car repair, or for those that have broken down beyond reparable by manual repair of the owner, a tow truck driver will then be the best person to call.

However, the hard part is that when tow trucks arrive at the rescue destination, they get stationary in the midst of a busy road and are then vulnerable to the dangers that exist in a busy highway. Tow truck drivers are tasked to put up towing lights and warning signs to preserve their safety, but oftentimes, this yield no results. There are still lots and lots of drivers out there who drive irresponsibly and without care nor concern for these. Drivers like this do not have any regard for traffic rules and regulations, driving speedily with no regard for the speed limit nor the tow truck lights right in front of them. People who drive in this manner only think about themselves and are the ones who pose dangerous and massive threats to the lives of the tow truck drivers out in the field every single day. We are not exaggerating as we say this, because in reality, there have already been injuries and fatalities of tow truck driver that are resulting from this kind of behavior by reckless drivers that are just passing by. To further affirm this, the Department of Labor’s records show that in the year 2016 alone, there have been 852 tow truck driver deaths.

In forty-three states of the United States of America, the Move Over Law is being put into effect, in which motorists are required to provide a safe clearance for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, and even tow trucks, yet the vast majority of Americans are not informed of the existence of such a law and those who are actually making the choice of ignoring it and disregarding it completely. Such irreverence and disobedience of the law yields the data that there is a minimum of one tow truck driver getting injured or killed in each week of the year. If you are taken aback by such information, read more now about it and see the truth of it.

So now, what must we do? The answer is, to offer added visibility to tow trucks and the drivers with waterproof work lights and tow truck lights. For more about this, see details and shop here at Tow Mart!
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